Brief History of the Club/School

In response to many requests from parents of children in the well known and reputable Mombasa. THE MOMBASA PARENTS CLUB KINDERGARTEN which was founded on 13th March, 1942 – NYALI PRIMARY SCHOOL was opened in January 1986 in order to provide continuity and stability in the learning process.

The Mombasa Parents Club are therefore the proprietors of THE NYALI SCHOOL.

The school was founded as a result of the First World War which came nearest to the coastal strip making Mombasa a base of military activities.

As a result there was over-crowding and shortage of housing and on the other hand a very large increase of military service traffic, etc, making the children’s lives more precarious.

Many mothers became engaged on part time or full time war work and had to think of Nursery School to take care of the children while they were at work. Thus the Parents’ Club may have been an outcome of the war; but it is an outcome that has now come to stay.


The club’s tradition is based on a homely atmosphere ensuring the children a gradual and harmonious transition from home to school.

The present site of the school donated by the Government on a five acre plot is in the pleasant surroundings along Links Road, Nyali and enhancing the same tradition.

The Nyali Primary and Kindergarten has attracted enrollment of children of many different nationalities.


The club is run by management committee which is composed of the Club Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Club Treasurer, Club Secretary, Education Secretary, Club Affairs Secretary and seven other Committee Members, which is elected to run the club’s affairs during the Annual general Meeting for a term of two years.

The Management Committee Members sees to the provision of the physical facilities, equipment, staff recruitment and the welfare of the members. The Committee is governed by the club’s constitution.

Education Sub-Committee

There is an Education Sub-Committee which sees to the academic standards of the School with special emphasis on the teaching and learning processes ensuring quality education is provided to the children in a homely atmosphere.

The Sub-Committee is composed of the Chairman who is also the Education Secretary of the Management Committee, the Secretary (the Principal) and five other members drawn from other Educational Institutions.

It is also charged with the responsibility of organizing seminars and workshops for the professional development of the teachers.


A very high degree of discipline is maintained and good moral values are continuously included into the learners through proper and selfless guidance and counseling offered by the school. Needless to mention, our school is a shining example of a disciplined institution of learning. What a centre of excellence it is!

Club members are expected to participate fully in all school and club activities as organized by the Committee from time to time.


We are currently offering CBC (Competence Based Curriculum) system side by side with 8-4-4. The school follows a broad curriculum whose core is the Kenya Primary Syllabus -8-4-4 system of education. This is supplemented by other extra curricular activities to make learning an exciting and stimulating process and to suit children from different cultures and backgrounds.


The school runs a Cafeteria which offers different decent menu on different

days at a low cost. Children enjoy the meals very much.


The school library offers a forum for further reference as supplement on various subjects taught. Story books and Copies of local Newspapers, Magazines and other periodicals are available for the learner.

School Transport

The Club Owns seven buses i.e. two 51 seater Nissan Diesel Buses (UD), four 51 seater Isuzu buses and 1 Toyota Hiace

KCPE Performance

Cummulative KCPE Performance

Year 2001356.1
Year 2002363.9
Year 2003365.12
Year 2004352.52
Year 2005348.52
Year 2006350.95
Year 2007375.40
Year 2008390.45
Year 2009382.00
Year 2010370.25
Year 2011386.82
Year 2012356.44
Year 2013374.59
Year 2014382.55
Year 2015392.91
Year 2016343.13
Year 2017381.16
Year 2018381.01
Year 2019384.92


Lunch STD 4-79,500
Lunch STD 811,500
Snacks-Break Time4,500


Entrance Fee90,000 (Once)
Develop Fee18,000 (Once)
Subscriptions1,500 (Annually)
Bus Fund10,000 (Once)


One WayTwo Way
PG-STD 79,00012,400
STD 89,62513,180
PG-STD 79,50013,000
STD 810,20014,000
PG-STD 711,25015,500
STD 812,16016,800



  • Navy blue shorts
  • Red checked shirt/white collar/white binding at the sleeves and pocket
  • White shorts-for P.E & Games
  • White T/Shirt for P.E
  • House colour T/Shirt for games
  • Black leather school shoes with laces from Bata shop
  • School badge stitched at the pocket of the shirt
  • Navy blue socks
  • Blue sweater


  • Red checked blouse with white binding at the sleeves and white collar
  • Navy blue box pleated skirt
  • School budge stitched on the blouse pocket
  • White shorts/rubber shoes and socks for P.E
  • House colour T/Shirt for games
  • Black leather school shoes
  • Red sweater


  • Red checked dress with white collar and white binding at the sleeves and pockets
  • School budge stitched on the left hand side of the uniform
  • White shorts/T/Shirts/Rubber shoes and socks for P.E
  • House colour T/Shirt for games
  • Black leather shoes/white socks
  • Red sweater


  • Navy blue shorts
  • Red checked shirt
  • White shorts for P.E
  • White T/Shirt
  • White rubber shoes and blue socks
  • Blue sweater


  • Red checked sleeveless dress with white binding at the pocket,neck and sleeves
  • White shorts,T/Shirt,white rubber shoes and socks for P.E
  • Black leather school shoes/white socks
  • Red sweater